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0001796NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2020-09-24 16:36
Reporterai_enabledAssigned Tosfernandez 
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Product Version3.0.5 
Target Version3.0.6Fixed in Version3.0.6 
Summary0001796: Collection.Move doesn't keep the bound selected item
DescriptionHi guys,
As 0001550 is implemented now, I've tried Collection.Move with ListBox and ObservableCollection and noticed that it works now (no more "unsupported" message from NoesisGUI) but the bound selected item is getting changed.

I have a feeling that the selected item is linked to the SelectedIndex property somehow even though I'm using SelectedItem binding only.

E.g. I'm selecting an entry in position #3 in the ListBox. Then I'm moving some entries with Collection.Move and the selection index is still kept at #3 even though there is a different entry now.

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2020-09-23 21:18

updater   ~0006647

Unfortunately, a workaround is a problem as the SelectedItem change happens during the next Noesis.Update so it's not immediate and I cannot simply save the selected item manually, invoke Collection.Move, and then restore the selected item. Probably I could do this with a "invoke this after 1 frame" but it's a very unreliable approach.

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