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0001915NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2021-02-04 09:56
ReporterDavidYawCSpeedAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.0.9 
Target Version3.0.10Fixed in Version3.0.10 
Summary0001915: Window.Close() doesn't close, leaves artifact on screen.
DescriptionI have a quit button in my application, separate from the Window's close button.

When Window.Close() is called, the window doesn't close.

- Clicks to this window end up accessing the window behind it.
- D3D Render Context only: Instead of closing, the window changes to be solid white.
- WGL Render Context only: Instead of closing, the window never updates again. Changes to the UI are not redrawn.
Steps To Reproduce
<Button Click="QuitButtonClick" Content="Actually Quit"/>

private void QuitButtonClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

Test Platform: My Windows development PC, running in the Visual Studio debugger. Using Win32Display and either RenderContextWGL or RenderContextD3D11.
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related to 0001914 resolvedsfernandez Setting WindowState = WindowState.Minimized leaves artifact on screen 




2021-02-02 19:08

manager   ~0007011

I'm not able to reproduce this problem, when calling Close() the window and the application is closing fine.
All the closing logic is implemented in the Win32Display class, it shouldn't depend on what RenderContext is used.
Maybe what you are seeing is an effect of previously trying to minimize the window, which was not working as expected (issue 0001914).


2021-02-02 19:09

manager   ~0007012

Attached latest Win32Display with the fix for minimize (issue 0001914) so you can test that Close() is working fine.

Win32Display.cs (88,120 bytes)


2021-02-04 02:14

reporter   ~0007016

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My apologies. You are correct, this was related to my previous work with trying to minimize from code. Sorry for the false report.



2021-02-04 09:56

manager   ~0007017

Don't worry, glad to help.

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