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0001941NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2021-03-15 18:38
ReportersfernandezAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.0.11 
Target Version3.0.12Fixed in Version 
Summary0001941: Interactivity DataTrigger not behaving exactly as WPF
DescriptionWPF's DataTrigger does not evaluate bindings when it gets attached to the associated object, so if DataContext is set before attaching, it won't invoke its actions even if condition is fulfilled.
On the other hand Noesis DataTrigger, when trigger is attached, it evaluates the bindings again so it is able to invoke actions if condition is fulfilled, but this is incorrect compared to WPF.

Consider creating a new trigger that evaluates when attached, something like an ImmediateDataTrigger in case anyone needs that behavior.
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