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0001995NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2021-05-04 11:00
ReporterKeldorKatarnAssigned Tojsantos 
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Product Version3.0.11 
Target Version3.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0001995: Configurable Enter Play Mode results in missing XAMLs
DescriptionThe new Configurable Enter Play Mode causes Noesis to fail. it reports the XAML Assets missing.
This only happens on the first load of the editor, however some errors have been observed also on later loads
but so far are not clearly to pinpoint.
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2021-04-30 21:48

reporter   ~0007202

I just wanted to add that I *VERY* regularly experience this and it's quite frustrating. I have XAML files located in many different resource folders, and the only way I temporarily resolve this is manually right clicking and "reimporting" the contents of the directory. But seemingly randomly things revert back after some time and I have to repeat this process.

It makes it nearly unusable when you're spending 30% of your dev time just reimporting XAML.


2021-05-03 12:18

manager   ~0007208

Are those XAMLs properly grabbed by the currently active scene?


2021-05-03 14:31

reporter   ~0007211

In my case they were yes.


2021-05-04 07:52

reporter   ~0007216

In my case, I am programmatically assigning assets to the NoesisView. The result is that it fails to show anything related to WPF, but the rest of my scene still operates (i.e. not a hard crash).

If I right click in the resource folder that has my xaml/assets and select "re-import", then I can visually see the asset get recreated and have an icon that shows a preview. Then pressing play again seems to work. (then randomly at some point in the future it fails again)

Since I have these in different resource folders throughout my Unity project, I essentially have to chase all of these down when it occurs.


2021-05-04 11:00

manager   ~0007217

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If you are programmatically assigning assets to NoesisView make sure those assets are hard-referenced by Unity, by having them in the chain of dependencies of the scene. For example, adding each one to a public property of a MonoBehaviour.

We have plans to better report these issues, when a XAML not correctly referenced is being loaded.

But that's a different topic regarding this issue.

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