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0002161NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2021-11-03 13:37
Reportersteveh Assigned Tosfernandez  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1 
Target Version3.1.2Fixed in Version3.1.2 
Summary0002161: {x:Null} is not a valid type for TextDecorations dependency property
DescriptionHi guys,

Our artists had an issue where simply checking and unchecking the Underline button in Blend caused an error to be output from Noesis.

If you have a <TextBlock />, e.g:

<TextBlock Text="Hello World" Foreground="Black" />

And then you click the "Underline" button in Blend, it adds the TextDecoration property:

<TextBlock Text="Hello World" Foreground="Black" TextDecorations="Underline" />

If you uncheck the button, rather than removing the attribute Blend sets it to {x:Null}:

<TextBlock Text="Hello World" Foreground="Black" TextDecorations="{x:Null}" />

This then causes the following error to be output from Noesis:

"Null is not a valid value for property 'TextBlock.TextDecorations'."

This fails our internal smoke tests as we have automated tests to ensure that there are no erors output from Noesis. The fix is to "Reset" the property in Blend to remove the attribute. Just thought I'd raise it here since Blend supports {x:Null} on TextDecorations so I thought Noesis should probably support it as well.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a text block in Blend.
2. Click the "Underline" button in the Text properties in the properties panel in Blend
3. Uncheck the "Underline" button in the Text properties in the properties panel in Blend.
4. Load the file. Noesis will output an error.
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2021-10-26 17:15

manager   ~0007540

Thanks for this report steve

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