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0002213NoesisGUIUnrealpublic2021-12-14 13:31
Reportersergey_sitnikov_ninjatheory Assigned Tohcpizzi  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1.1 
Target Version3.1.2Fixed in Version3.1.2 
Summary0002213: No way to call RaiseCanExecuteChanged for wrapped commands in UE4
DescriptionIt seems, there is no obvious way to get a NoesisFunctionWrapper for a MVVM command and call RaiseCanExecuteChanged for it.
TagsC++, UE4




2021-12-14 13:31

developer   ~0007673

Two native functions have been added:

NOESISRUNTIME_API void NoesisNotifyCanExecuteFunctionChanged(class UObject*, FName);
NOESISRUNTIME_API void NoesisNotifyCanExecuteFunctionChanged(class UObject*, class UFunction*);

It's also been exposed for Blueprints in NoesisFunctionLibrary as:

 void NotifyCanExecuteFunctionChanged(UObject* Owner, FName FunctionName);

The functions get the wrapper for the command and invoke RaiseCanExecuteChanged.

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