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0002241NoesisGUIInspectorpublic2022-01-17 12:47
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Summary0002241: Inspector profiling improvements
DescriptionRight now the inspector is assuming a render thread operating in lock-step with the main thread. But or architecture allows both threads being executed independently and at different frequencies.

We propose a new layout, were both threads are presented in different windows and a timeline below. Clicking on a frame of the Update or Render Window will select the box in the timeline giving a clear vision of the ordering of both threads. Also below the timeline we will display a tree-view with all profiling events that happened in that frame.

See attached screenshot.
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2022-01-17 12:43


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2022-01-17 12:47

manager   ~0007739

Our CPU profiler must be changed to expose callbacks for profiling events. The inspector will connect to those events from both threads. We need a way to send the current view (if inside a view) with each event.

If we do this, we no longer need timings in ViewStats and we should expose a new method in IRenderer to get the stats for the last frame.

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