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0002281NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2022-06-21 13:22
Reporterext.smichalak Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.1.3 
Target Version3.1.5Fixed in Version3.1.5 
Summary0002281: Remote control with Xbox controller connected to PC
as mentioned in this post:, you're currently not able to control the Noesis app on Xbox if you're using a remote controller connected to PC. As @jsantos mentioned, gamepad events are not being intercepted by this remote mechanism.
Steps To Reproduce1. Run any Noesis sample on Xbox devkit
2. Connect xbox controller directly to PC and verify it shows up in xbox manager
3. Notice that you're able to control any native UI that shows up on xbox (dev menu, software keyboard, etc.) but not the app itself.

I believe this applies to xbox only, unsure if there's a way on other platforms.
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2022-06-21 13:22

manager   ~0007994

This has been fixed in r11423

Problem was that we were reading input for the first game-pad connected. So for example, if you used the Virtual Controller (the one you use clicking on the image), then the remote controller was not detected. And vice verse, using the remote controller first ignored the Virtual Controller.

We fixed this, by reading input from all gamepads. This is fine for our app framework and examples. But probably, for a real application this needs a more advance implementation, taking care of connected users and theirs controllers, etc.

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