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0002304NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2022-03-17 21:25
Reporterstonstad Assigned Tojsantos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.1.3 
Target Version3.1.4Fixed in Version3.1.4 
Summary0002304: Disabled XAML Preview Appears to Affect Runtime Behavior
DescriptionI have preview disabled. However, this code throws an error at runtime if the associated XAML control is selected in the Unity inspector window.

*NoesisXamlEditor:CreatePreviewView *

[NOESIS/E] Child already has a logical parent
UnityEngine.Debug:LogError (object,UnityEngine.Object)
NoesisUnity:UnityLog (int,string) (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/NoesisUnity.cs:357)
Noesis.View:CreateCPtr (System.Type,bool&) (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Core/View.cs:535)
Noesis.BaseComponent:.ctor () (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Proxies/BaseComponentExtend.cs:17)
Noesis.DispatcherObject:.ctor () (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Proxies/DispatcherObject.cs:30)
Noesis.View:.ctor (System.Runtime.InteropServices.HandleRef) (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Core/View.cs:519)
Noesis.View:.ctor (Noesis.FrameworkElement) (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Core/View.cs:492)
Noesis.GUI:CreateView (Noesis.FrameworkElement) (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Runtime/API/Core/NoesisGUI.cs:332)
NoesisXamlEditor:CreatePreviewView () (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Editor/NoesisXamlEditor.cs:30)
NoesisXamlEditor:HasPreviewGUI () (at C:/Users/stons/Source/StellarConquest/StellarConquest.Utilities/Noesis/3.1.3/Editor/NoesisXamlEditor.cs:185)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

If I do not have the control selected in the inspector window I do not get this error when playback begins.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a user control.
2. Disable preview in Noesis settings.
3. Have user control visible in project Unity inspector window prior to Unity playback.
4. Show user control during runtime. Error manifests.

This is not a big deal at all. I am just reporting in case it is helpful.
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2022-03-09 18:26


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2022-03-10 13:13

manager   ~0007853

Thanks for reporting this!


2022-03-17 16:50

manager   ~0007868


I found that the Preview is being generated (although not rendered) even if the setting is disabled. We need to fix this behavior.
But I'm not able to reproduce that error. It seems to me that your control may have some global element that gets added to the UI tree when it is loaded, so when you click play and have the preview selected, that global element is added to two different UI trees. Could that be your case?

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