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0002406NoesisGUIC++ SDKpublic2022-08-27 01:56
Reportersfernandez Assigned Tosfernandez  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.1.5 
Target Version3.1 
Summary0002406: Support overriding default directional navigation
DescriptionBecause directional focus navigation limits the user to moving up, down, left, and right, you may end up with scenarios where parts of the UI are inaccessible (see attached image).

We should provide a way to explicitly indicate how directional navigation will work in some scenarios:
    <Button x:Name="LeftBtn" Content="Left" .../>
    <Button x:Name="RightBtn" Content="Right" .../>
    <Button x:Name="TopBtn" Content="Top" .../>
    <Button x:Name="BottomBtn" Content="Bottom" .../>
    <Button Content="Home"  
            noesis:Element.FocusLeft="{Binding ElementName=LeftBtn}"
            noesis:Element.FocusRight="{Binding ElementName=RightBtn}"
            noesis:Element.FocusUp="{Binding ElementName=TopBtn}"
            noesis:Element.FocusDown="{Binding ElementName=BottomBtn}" />
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2022-08-26 14:59

manager   ~0008051

dirnav-issue.png (7,547 bytes)   
dirnav-issue.png (7,547 bytes)   

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