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0003289NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2024-06-07 19:23
Reporterkristoffer Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.2.3 
Target Version3.2.4 
Summary0003289: Unity non-zero exit code after using NoesisRenderer with ExecuteCommandBuffer
DescriptionWindows 11, Unity 2022.3.25 and Noesis 3.2.3

This issue is based on the discussion in

After using code almost identical to NoesisXamlEditor.RenderPreview(...) when Unity exits it will have a non-zero return code.
In my experience the return code is either -1073741819 or -1073740791.

When launching Unity from command line to run through a Play Mode test suite and then exit this presents a problem since it's desirable to look at the Unity exit code to evaluate the test run status.

Note that there is no error or warning logged in Unity and the result rendered is correct so in most cases this is not a problem.

As stated in the forum thread adding a call to
NoesisRenderer.UnregisterView(view, _commands);
before the call to
seems to resolve the issue.

But that solution may not be a good way to go about it.




2024-06-07 19:23

manager   ~0009671

Last edited: 2024-06-07 19:23

After analyzing this a bit more, you change makes sense. The view needs to be unregistered, and this is done emitting commands that must be executed by ExecuteCommandBuffer.

Our editors (for example NoesisXamlEditor) is already doing this when disabled:

public void OnDisable()
    if (_viewPreview != null)
        NoesisRenderer.UnregisterView(_viewPreview, _commands);
        _viewPreview = null;

    if (_viewPreviewGUI != null)
        NoesisRenderer.UnregisterView(_viewPreviewGUI, _commands);
        _viewPreviewGUI = null;

So everything is good, closing this

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