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0003370NoesisGUIStudiopublic2024-06-10 12:26
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Summary0003370: Text Property of the ComboBox Element is Non-Functional
DescriptionAccording to the WPF documentation, the 'Text' property of a ComboBox should have the ability to poll its children ComboBoxItem Content properties and display it as the ComboBox's label, provided there is a match between the 'Text' property, and the 'Content' property of any of the ComboBoxItems within.

Currently, this functionality does not work as expected. See repro steps below.
Steps To ReproduceRepro Steps:

1) Create a Page
2) From the Add Elements Panel, drag in a ComboBox to the Root Grid of the page, as well as a trio of ComboBoxItems within the ComboBox.
3) Set the 'Content' property of each ComboBoxItem to Option_A, Option_B, and Option_C respectively.
4) In the ComboBox, set the 'Text' property to "Option_A".

Observe how the ComboBox's label does not populate with visible text.

Expected results: With the configuration above, the ComboBox's label should read "Option_A"
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