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Summary0000589: Redraw render texture with API call instead of each frame
DescriptionCurrently a render texture is redrawn each frame, even if nothing changes. This is wasteful of resources, especially on mobile. It would be great if you can provide an API similar to Camera.Render() so it is possible to "freeze" rendering and only render when you know something has changed.
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related to 0000740 closedjsantos No redraw region support 




2019-02-19 10:43

manager   ~0005446

We already implemented this. Now, by default, in 'RenderTexture' mode the property "Continous Rendering' is disabled.

Also, we are exposing a new method in NoesisView, NeedsRendering() that can be used in manually repainted cameras to do manual Camera.Render().

Thanks for your feedback!

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