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0000925NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2020-09-21 11:32
Reporterivan_bAssigned Tojsantos 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version1.2.6f4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000925: UI rendering problem on iPad
DescriptionThe user interface on the iPad at some point gets streched like in the uploaded picture. The entire user inteface is on the left of the screen. The model is an iPad 4.
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2016-06-29 08:29


IMG-20160628-WA0000.jpg (130,080 bytes)
IMG-20160628-WA0000.jpg (130,080 bytes)


2016-06-30 17:00

manager   ~0004050

Are you able to reproduce the issue someway?


2016-06-30 17:09

reporter   ~0004051

On the two iPads that I tested I could not reproduce this problem.
I can ask our user to reproduce it and then get the logs from the application if that helps?


2016-06-30 17:16

manager   ~0004053

Yes, please!


2016-06-30 18:14

reporter   ~0004055

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Can I get the instrumented version of Noesis for the iPad because with the current version in the logs I don't see anything?



2016-07-04 23:38

manager   ~0004059

Sorry for the delay about this, tomorrow I will prepare you the instrumented version.


2016-07-05 20:43

manager   ~0004063

Instrumented library:

This version generates a noesis.log file that I would like to inspect. I will also need the log generated by Unity (I think you need to generate a Developer version for this).


2016-07-07 08:54

reporter   ~0004066

Here is the link for the logs
Both unity logs and noesis logs are in the same file.


2016-07-07 09:18

manager   ~0004067

1. Why in the same file? How can I split them?
2. I am missing the Unity log there. I see a few messages at the beginning that are not from our logs but they are not definitely the Unity log. Was this a development build?
3. Could you also paste an image with the UI in normal state?
4. Is the problem being reproduced doing always the same thing? If affirmative, could you describe the steps?

Thanks a lot!


2016-07-07 09:38

reporter   ~0004068

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1.The first part is our log and the second is from noesis.
I have removed our logs from the file. You can redownload the file only with the noesis logs
2.This is a development build. This is the only log form Unity that I can get.
I am attaching an even handler to the log messages and then upload the messages to our server because we don't have access to this iPad.
4.The problem always appears and can be reproduced in two ways. First, at the beginning we have a listbox and after you select an item there are some animation that shrinks the listbox and movea the entire listbox to the left and after that the problem happens.
And for the second I don't kow but I can ask. If it would help I could send you the links to the application and create you an account.



2016-07-07 13:17

manager   ~0004069

I have an account in TestFlight:

Is that what you need?


2016-07-07 13:41

reporter   ~0004071

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We have a subsciption based modes so I have created you an account.
You can login with the email "" and the password is "test". Here is the link to the download page
If it helps the problem occours on the iPad 4.
I have investigated further and found out that some people had some rendering problem with the 5.3 version of unity on iOs, this is the link to the topic
Is it possible that some settings on the camera triggers that problem?
Could it be a problem with the viewport rectangle of the camera?



2016-07-08 12:21

manager   ~0004075

"First, at the beginning we have a listbox and after you select an item there are some animation that shrinks the listbox"

You mean for example clicking on "ANIMATIONS" right? When I do that the panel moves to the left with an animation.

I have been testing your application in iPad mini and it works great (iOS 9.3.2). By the way, the application is amazing! Although I see several improvements to the GUI (mainly, adding more animations) it is a really great work. If you want, you can publicize the application in the ShowCase section ( Also if you want we can retweet you from our Twitter account.

Yes, the problem is related to the viewport of the camera. I added several logs in the instrumented version but what I see seems to be right. Really suspicious that it works fine in an iOS device and fails in another one, our code is exactly the same...



2016-07-08 15:46

reporter   ~0004076

You have to click on the animation an then the listbox shows
(if you want some content there is a large button at the bottom of the application, after you click on it tehre is a "Purchuased" package, click on that package and then you can download some content).
After that you click on an item and then the details of the item gets displayed, and this is the place where the problem occours.

Thanks. I would be glad to hear any suggestion for the improvement of the GUI.
I will add it to the Showcase section as soon as I find time ( probably in a few days ). No problem, you can retweet about our application.

I have sent to our user a version that logs the viewport rectangle of the camera. If the viewport has been changed I will send a bug report to unity.


2016-07-08 20:22

manager   ~0004077

One fast question, when you open an animation and play it showing the movement of the players? That part is not Noesis, is it? (I mean the Tactic perspective, no the 1st person one that is Unity for sure)


2016-07-08 20:36

reporter   ~0004078

It is not, i think this is implemented only with unity.


2020-09-14 01:46

manager   ~0006626

Is this still an issue?


2020-09-19 18:51

reporter   ~0006631

No, it is not an issue any more.


2020-09-21 11:32

manager   ~0006632


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