ControlTemplate Class

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Specifies the visual structure and behavioral aspects of a Control that can be shared across multiple instances of the control.

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Name Description
 TargetType Gets or sets the type for which this template is intended
 Triggers Gets a collection of TriggerBase objects that apply property changes or perform actions based on specified conditions

 Dependency Property    Reflection Property

From FrameworkTemplate

Name Description
 Resources Gets or sets the collection of resources that can be used within the scope of this template
 VisualTree Gets or sets the root node of the template

 Dependency Property    Reflection Property

Attached Properties

ControlTemplate has no attached properties


From FrameworkTemplate

Name Description
 Apply(templatedParent) Applies current template to the specified element
 FindName(name, templatedParent) Finds the element associated with the specified name defined within this template
 FindName(name) Returns an object that has the provided identifying name
 FindObject(object) Finds if element is a named object registered in the template. Returns null if not found
 GetAvailableTriggers() Gets template triggers if available
 RegisterName(name, object) Registers the provided name into the current XAML namescope
 UnregisterName(name) Unregisters the provided name from the current XAML namescope
 UpdateName(name, object) Updates previously registered item with new one. This is required to refresh Binginds when freezables are cloned during animations
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