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Defines a set of default cursors.

This static class defines a set of default cursors common to applications.

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Name Description
 AppStarting Gets the Cursor that appears when an application is starting
 Arrow Gets the Arrow Cursor
 ArrowCD Gets the arrow with a compact disk Cursor
 Cross Gets the crosshair Cursor
 Hand Gets a hand Cursor
 Help Gets a help Cursor which is a combination of an arrow and a question mark
 IBeam Gets an I-beam Cursor, which is used to show where the text cursor appears when the mouse is clicked
 No Gets a Cursor with which indicates that a particular region is invalid for a given operation
 None Gets a special cursor that is invisible
 Pen Gets a pen Cursor
 ScrollAll Gets the scroll all Cursor
 ScrollE Gets the scroll east Cursor
 ScrollN Gets the scroll north Cursor
 ScrollNE Gets the scroll northeast Cursor
 ScrollNS Gets the scroll north/south Cursor
 ScrollNW Gets a scroll northwest Cursor
 ScrollS Gets the scroll south Cursor
 ScrollSE Gets a south/east scrolling Cursor
 ScrollSW Gets the scroll southwest Cursor
 ScrollW Gets the scroll west Cursor
 ScrollWE Gets a west/east scrolling Cursor
 SizeAll Gets a four-headed sizing Cursor, which consists of four joined arrows that point north, south, east, and west
 SizeNESW Gets a two-headed northeast/southwest sizing Cursor
 SizeNS Gets a two-headed north/south sizing Cursor
 SizeNWSE Gets a two-headed northwest/southeast sizing Cursor
 SizeWE Gets a two-headed west/east sizing Cursor
 UpArrow Gets an up arrow Cursor, which is typically used to identify an insertion point
 Wait Gets a wait (or hourglass) Cursor

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