DragDrop Class

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Provides helper methods and fields for initiating drag-and-drop operations.

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Name Description
DoDragDrop Initiates a drag-and-drop operation


Name Description
None DragEnterEvent Identifies the DragEnter attached event
None DragLeaveEvent Identifies the DragLeave attached event
None DragOverEvent Identifies the DragOver attached event
None DropEvent Identifies the Drop attached event
None GiveFeedbackEvent Identifies the GiveFeedback attached event
None PreviewDragEnterEvent Identifies the PreviewDragEnter attached event
None PreviewDragLeaveEvent Identifies the PreviewDragLeave attached event
None PreviewDragOverEvent Identifies the PreviewDragOver attached event
None PreviewDropEvent Identifies the PreviewDrop attached event
None PreviewGiveFeedbackEvent Identifies the PreviewGiveFeedback attached event
None PreviewQueryContinueDragEvent Identifies the PreviewQueryContinueDrag attached event
None QueryContinueDragEvent Identifies the QueryContinueDrag attached event

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only


DragDrop has no events

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