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Implements a markup extension that supports static resource references made from XAML.

Provides a value for any XAML property attribute by looking up a reference to an already defined resource. Lookup behavior for that resource is analogous to load-time lookup, which will look for resources that were previously loaded from the markup of the current XAML page as well as other application sources, and will generate that resource value as the property value in the run-time objects.

<Setter Property="FocusVisualStyle" Value="{StaticResource CheckRadioFocusVisual}"/>

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Name Description
None ResourceKey Gets or sets the key value passed by this static resource reference. They key is used to return the object matching that key in resource dictionaries

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only


From MarkupExtension

Name Description
ProvideValue Returns an object that is provided as the value of the target property for this extension


StaticResourceExtension has no events

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