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[Unity]Xaml not found error after build & run

09 Mar 2018, 00:43

I'm using Noesis with Uunity(2017.3) to create desktop-app like.
While working in editor, everything works fine. Problem appears when Im trying to build and run game from .exe file.
Im using Unity Personal.
I've selected "Development build", and in log I have "NoesisException: Xaml not found.
Strange thing is, that in logs, i have paths pointing where my source code is, not where .exe file and app_data is located.
Thanks for help! :)

I figured it out. Unity tries to be optimal. When there is no direct reference in any scene, given asset is not compiled.
I was calling these missing xamls only from code. When i added them to dummy game object, it started to work.
So, topic can be closed :)
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Re: [Unity]Xaml not found error after build & run

10 Mar 2018, 03:18

Ups! Sorry for being late (we are really busy with the final 2.1.0), I was going to suggest you exactly that. This scenario is described in the Unity Tutorial Guide, under the Loading XAML by code section.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Closing this.

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