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Checkerboard wont render

29 Jun 2020, 00:06

I'm trying to make a TabItem render a checkerboard in the background, but for some reason it wont work when i load the xaml using noesis. Maybe someone can provide some pointers as to what's going on?

To test the issue i change the TabControl.xaml inside the Gallery example. eg Page 1 will be this:
<TabItem Header="Page 1">
            <DrawingBrush Stretch="None" TileMode="Tile" Viewport="0,0,32,32" ViewportUnits="Absolute">
                        <GeometryDrawing Geometry="M0,0 L32,0 32,32, 0,32Z" Brush="White"/>
                        <GeometryDrawing Geometry="M0,16 L32,16 32,32, 16,32 16,0 0,0Z" Brush="Black"/>
Inside visual studio designer it correctly shows the chekerboard, same as when i play the Gallery-blend example in either msvs or blend. When i play the c++ example though the page stays empty. Is this a bug, or just something i'm missing? Nothing about lack of DrawingBrush support is listed here ... rison.html
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Re: Checkerboard wont render

29 Jun 2020, 16:50

I'm sorry to say DrawingBrush is not supported yet: #1110

You would need to use an image to get that checkboard effect.

All the features available in Noesis have the corresponding class listed in our Class Hierarchy, if you don't find a reference there is most probably not implemented.

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