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Windows Phone 8.1

21 May 2015, 15:46

Hi, I am trying to run a simple app in WP8.1 with Unity5 and noesis (1.2.3)

the xaml is
<UserControl xmlns=""
    <Grid Background="Goldenrod">
It works perfectly with iOS (il2cpp), android and editor. I've tried building it with Windows Store WP8.1 and Universal 8.1 options but it does not show the noesis panel, just the default Unity sky view.

any idea what I am missing?

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Re: Windows Phone 8.1

21 May 2015, 16:21

Did you follow the steps described in the manual? (Building on Windows Store section).

Unfortunately, there are a few manual steps that must be done in this platform. We have contacted the Unity team several times regarding this.

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