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My 2 cents

15 Aug 2015, 14:59


Hi, i'm trying to do the tutorials provided. But I can't finished them because I had some issues with script.

Here is my problems : I didn't find the DirectX11 option. Plus, I had errors with the C# script : gui.GetRoot : no such method exist. Same for FindStringResource.
I've found the GetResource(object key) method to replace the findStringResource. But nothing for GetRoot.

Where can i find a more complex tutorial about how to create an application with navigation, popup alert, viewmodel and binding, project architecture for a more advanced project ?

I have only 4 days remaining to try Noesis (trial of 5 days). It seems difficult to me to try Noesis and get an opinion or to go for the licence in so few days. I'm afraid a lot of developper will give up on learning and trying NoesisGui with a trial of 5 days.
Noesis seems very interesting. I was kind of amazed after doing my first storyboard. But a little bit disappointed when i got an error because of a shadow effect on a button or when I couldn't complete the first tutorial.

I remember my beginning with Xamarin. It was far easier. The documentation and tutorial given are very very good and updated each new release. You can find real project sample for push notification, navigation, animation. For almost everything. I can't tell the same for Noesis. I know Noesis is younger and have not the same team size. But still in my humble opinion, developers are your weapon. You have to seduced them and make them trust in your product and in them. Why ? Because they might convince their boss that the next project they make NEED to be develop with the new technologie killer : Noesis.

After playing with Xamarin (they gave me a trial of 3 months instead of one !) I finally found a technologie that worth its money. I quit my job to start working for myself. I'm not saying that Xamarin is better or something like that. I just want to point that they make me believe in me and their product.

Noesis can be the technology of the decade. It seems the best technologie I ever seen : REAL cross xaml (vecto) and not a subset of xaml. But right now, I don't think I'm willing to spend money on this because I don't trust myself being able to develop cross platforms applications : I'm new to Unity. I found it a little painfull to work with Blend / Visual Studio / Unity just to make the UI.

I'll give you a last feedback in 3 days : when my trial will expire.
I wish you the best. This technology is a MUST. They are only 3 technologies that made me very happy : Silverlight, Xamarin and now Noesis. I really hope Noesis will be THE thing of tomorrow.

Best regards, Nicolas
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Re: My 2 cents

15 Aug 2015, 20:28


I just looked at the tutorial you mentioned and unfortunately that's not up to date anymore. Instead of NoesisGUI v1.1.x we now have v1.2.x and instead of Unity 4 we have Unity 5. I'll try to help you with a few things:

DirectX 11 option: "Edit" --> "Project Settings" --> "Player" --> "Settings for PC, Mac & Linux Standalone" --> you have to deselected "Automatic Graphics API" if you want to see the available graphics APIs.

GetRoot(): I think you have to use GetContent() method of the NoesisGuiPanel now.

NoesisGUI tries to resemble WPF, not Silverlight. Silverlight had a few nice classes like the navigation service or whatever it was called that you don't have in WPF. And because NoesisGUI tries to be as close as possible to WPF it also doesn't include this. But it shouldn't be difficult to come up with your own navigation service. :)

It's also not feature complete yet but they're working on it.

What I found a bit more difficult was to come up with a good solution on how to structure the project and work with VS, (Blend) and Unity. There are various threads in the forum about this subject, such as this one.

I don't know much about the tutorials as I've only glanced at them in the beginning since I've worked with WPF for many years (just like you did with Silverlight). So you might be right that there should be more and more up to date ones. But as you also said, they are still pretty young, don't have the same team size and most likely not the same amount of funding/income as Xamarin has.

The trial of 5 days seems indeed a bit short for such a complex product. But I would guess if you ask for more time they will extend your trial period.

And I can only talk for myself here now but I've seen the development progress and what NoesisGUI has become in the last year and that is what impresses me, the dedication of its developers to improve their product. From the Unity side of view there is quite big difference to what NoesisGUI has been one year ago. Now I think NoesisGUI could replace other UI frameworks such as Scaleform at some point.

Anyway, if you have any specific questions you should search and/or ask them in the forum.

Edit: This tutorial seems to be up to date.
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Re: My 2 cents

17 Aug 2015, 10:12

Hi Scherub, thank you for your reply. As it's my last trial day, I may try one more things today :)

As you said, it's not difficult to come up with a navigation service :)

The thread you gave me to create a good solution (from the architect point of view) seems a bit complicated. It sounds like a trick that won't work with the next release. This is the kind of fix where you always miss a configuration : you spend 3 hours having a great solution and nothing work at the end :D

Judging from all the releases patch notes, I can clearly see they make huge change and work fast.

It's good and bad at the same time because it seems they make a lot of change like the GetRoot that became GetContent etc. It means that you'll have to maintain your code and do a lot of change while you migrate to new release. I can live with that if they write a documentation about those changes.

Thank you for the tutorial link. It seems to be the same with updated code. (oh god it felt so good to use VisualTreeHelper again ! I missed that old friend a lot :D )

Anyway, I will keep an eye on NoesisGUI. Wether I go for the licence or not.
Thank you again Sherub. I'm glad someone gave me an answer before my trial was over.

Have a nice day,
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Re: My 2 cents

17 Aug 2015, 18:32

Thanks Scherub for you kind words. And Nk54, welcome to this community. Let us clarify a few details about your post:
  • Obviously 6 days for a trial is not enough. But there is an explanation about it. Our trials have the remaining days hardcoded using the buildtime as reference (30 days). This means that all people testing the same trial will have the same expiration time. It doesn't matter when they started the trial. We are doing this to avoid people testing obsolete versions of NoesisGUI (this was happening when sending a trial to a team and they started to use it several months later). But no problem about it, we can extend it for you. Please, ask for it in private and you will receive a new version.
  • Regarding the video tutorial. Yes, it is obsolete. Using an older version of Unity and an older version of NoesisGUI. We have to prepare new ones. Anyway, inside the package you will find many tutorials describing many topics. Those tutorials are updated. And also, you will find several working scenes inside the package. Those samples are always up to date.
  • Sorry about the API changes. We try to be conservative about it with minor versions. But if you find a problem you can post here, we normally give an answer in the same day.

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