Released 2020-05-28
0001702: [Unity3D] Crash while doing an import immediately after upgrading to 3.0.0 (sfernandez)
0001697: [Unity3D] crash while reimporting assets (jsantos)
0001692: [C++ SDK] Crash in Renderer::RenderOffscreen (jsantos)
0001700: [C++ SDK] Crash / memory stomp in SDF generator (jsantos)
0001695: [C++ SDK] Noesis does not compile properly with Clang as static libraries (jsantos)
0001696: [C++ SDK] Uninitialised variable in RenderTree (sfernandez)
0001701: [Unity3D] Unity crash 50% of the time entering play mode after 3.0.0 upgrade (sfernandez)
0001699: [Unity3D] Application resources can't use StaticResource between merged dictionaries (sfernandez)
0001698: [C++ SDK] Win32Display not working on Windows 7 (sfernandez)
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