Released 2021-03-15
0001855: [C++ SDK] NativeSDK - RTTI Support (jsantos)
0001932: [C++ SDK] Crash when there are more than 5 active manipulations (jsantos)
0001913: [C++ SDK] In function OnManipulationdelta, I can not get the number of fingers. (jsantos)
0001931: [C# SDK] Feature Request: Make the parameters which determine a Tapped, DoubleTapped and Holding events trigger (jsantos)
0001922: [C++ SDK] Underline sometimes disappears (jsantos)
0001929: [C++ SDK] PathGeometry did not work with noesisgui3 (sfernandez)
0001936: [Unity3D] Unity crash on XAML import if a dependency property type doesn't match the default value type (sfernandez)
0001928: [C++ SDK] Popup does not check if elements are in the tree. (sfernandez)
0001923: [C# SDK] Inconsistent behavior in OpenGL Render Contexts (sfernandez)
0001921: [C# SDK] Touch events very flaky win Gbm and Fbdev displays (hcpizzi)
0001920: [C# SDK] Handle key repeats in LibEvdev for Gbm and FbDev displays (hcpizzi)
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