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0001459NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2019-04-30 18:20
ReporterstonstadAssigned Tosfernandez 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.2.2 
Target Version2.2.3Fixed in Version2.2.3 
Summary0001459: Noesis DLL Crash on Alt-Tab to Unity or Play Clicked
DescriptionI am using Unity 2019.1.0f2 with Noesis 2.2.2. This happens with 2.2.1 as well.

The Unity editor is fatally crashing every time I alt-tab into the editor or play, stop, and hit play again. Here is the last thing in the Unity editor file.

Refresh: detecting if any assets need to be imported or removed ...

Refresh Completed time: 0.239306s
Asset Scan time: 0.235643s
Asset Hashing: 0.000000s [0 B, 0.000000 mb/s]
Asset Import (Scripting) time: 0.000000s (count: 0)
Post Processs Assets (Scripting) time: 0.000000s
Asset Rehashing: 0.000000s [0 B, 0.000000 mb/s]
Asset Import (Non Scripting) time: 0.000000s (count: 0)
Post Process Assets (Non Scripting) time: 0.000000s
Dependent Assets to Import Queue time: 0.000000s

Reloading assemblies for play mode.
Begin MonoManager ReloadAssembly

Unity does not create a crash dump. I attached Visual Studio to Unity.exe to get the exception and call stack without symbols. I'm including a dump file.

Fatal crash details (no symbols):
Fatal crash call stack (no symbols):

This issue is causing significant work stoppage due to the frequency and criticality of the error.

Steps To ReproduceI'm sure this is project specific. Let me know if the dump file is not sufficient.
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has duplicate 0001452 resolvedjsantos Noesis Crashes Unity Sometimes When Editor Window Resizes 




2019-04-29 19:24


Unity.dmp (1,378,367 bytes)


2019-04-29 20:32

reporter   ~0005650

This happens when l play once (successfully). I then stop playback. Now, if I alt-tab away and back, minimize, maximize, or hit play again, the editor crashes. Noesis.dll throws a fatal exception corresponding to the minidump shared above.


2019-04-30 03:08

reporter   ~0005651

I can try with a debug build or with symbols is it is helpful to you.


2019-04-30 09:30

manager   ~0005655

The crash dump points me it is related with the View.Rendering event, could you please confirm you are using it in your game?
If you remove all the handlers subscribed to the event, are the crashes no longer happening?


2019-04-30 14:31

manager   ~0005658

We were able to reproduce the crash and fix it, could you please try the following library (win-x86_64) and confirm it is working for you:


2019-04-30 15:25

reporter   ~0005659

Yes! I can confirm the fix and the workflow is resolved.

re: Rendering event. I do hook this event but I made sure to disable it during testing. Before trying the new DLL I retested and commented out all event subscription for Rendering (and it still crashed). I have log statements to make sure I unregister View.Rendering when the event consumer/UserControl is unloaded.

Thank you for the quick turn around -- I am very grateful for your timely assistance resolving this!

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