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0001596NoesisGUIC# SDKpublic2019-12-12 14:36
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Product Version2.2.5 
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Summary0001596: Unity 2019.2.x OnGUI GC Allocation in NoesisView.OnGUI
DescriptionThe Unity MonoBehavior function OnGUI has a 0.7 kb per-frame gc allocation. Unity does not intend to fix this, as OnGUI is deprecated, per this thread: ... ui.642229/

NoesisView.cs uses OnGUI as follows:
 void OnGUI()
        if (_uiView != null)
            UnityEngine.GUI.depth = -(int)_myCamera.depth;
            ProcessEvent(UnityEngine.Event.current, _enableKeyboard, _enableMouse, _emulateTouch);

I can confirm the following:
1. OnGUI leaks memory without the internal Noesis logic.
2. Commenting out OnGUI completely removes a 0.7 kb per frame allocation.

To eliminate this allocation, is there a different location Noesis logic may be moved to?

Allocation screenshot:

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