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0001826NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2021-12-10 03:16
Reporterkokolihapihvi Assigned Tojsantos  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.0.6 
Target Version3.1.2Fixed in Version3.1.2 
Summary0001826: HDRP render texture overlap / stacked cameras not rendering
DescriptionI ran into 0001811 while adding a render texture view to a scene.
Applying the fix provided in 0001811:0006699 fixed the overlap problem, but stopped stacked UI cameras from rendering.
UI is still interactable, but not visible.

We use stacked cameras to switch between multiple complex views, one being active at a time on top of the main camera.

Unity 2019.4.10f1, HDRP 7.3.1
TagsUnity HDRP


related to 0001811 resolvedjsantos using Render texture mode with HDRP causes render overlap in viewport an rewrite in other render textures 




2020-10-30 20:16

manager   ~0006713

Thanks for reporting this, last time we tried the integration with stacked cameras we found a few bugs. I hope Unity fixed all the problems and we can have this properly solved.


2021-12-10 03:16

manager   ~0007663

Stacking cameras are not supported in HDRP, but we added support for manually selecting the injection point (before or after the post-processing) using Custom Passes. The documentation will give more detail but basically the steps are:

1. Attach a 'Custom Pass Volume' to the camera
2. Set 'Mode' to 'Camera'
3. Set 'Target Camera' to the same camera
4. Select 'Injection Point' (only 'Before Post Process' or 'After Post Process' makes sense)
5. Add a Custom Pass of type 'NoesisCustomPass'
6. Set 'Clear Flags' to 'Stencil'

If you don't need this for tweaking the post processing then we don't recommend using more than one camera. Just use a single Noesis view and add content dynamically to the root.

Please, let us know (at the forums) if you need more information about this.

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