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0001971NoesisGUIUnrealpublic2021-05-04 02:44
Reportersergey_sitnikov_ninjatheoryAssigned Tosfernandez 
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Product Version3.0.10 
Target Version3.0.12Fixed in Version3.0.12 
Summary0001971: Vanilla TextBox is not rendered/working correctly in UE4
DescriptionHello guys,

We are having issues with vanilla TextBox control in UE4. When it is imported to Unreal it is shown with a purple background (I guess, some expected component is missing) and it doesn't accept any input events (see attached screenshot). However, the same xaml works correctly in XamlPlayer v3.0.6 and v3.0.11 (I don't have v3.0.10 at the moment).

Here is a simple xaml I used:

        d:DesignWidth="1920" d:DesignHeight="1080">

    <Grid x:Name="Grid">
        <TextBox Width="100" Height="30" Text="HELLO TO YOU" />

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a xaml file using provided example
2. Drag and drop that file into UE4 (4.26 in our case and Noesis plugin version is 3.0.10)
3. Add xaml to viewport and launch PIE
4. Observe the result

5. Drag and drop created xaml file into XamlPlayer
6. Observe the result
TagsTextBox, UE4, xaml




2021-04-16 11:10


TextBoxBug_UE4.jpg (4,109 bytes)
TextBoxBug_UE4.jpg (4,109 bytes)


2021-04-16 11:13

manager   ~0007151

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It seems the style for the TextBox is missing (the minimal internal theme just use pink for everything to detect this).

Is this using our default theme?

Can you hellp here @sfernandez?



2021-04-16 11:15

reporter   ~0007152

No, this is without any themes at all.


2021-04-16 11:19

manager   ~0007153

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This is normal then, without theme, our controls display pink.

We are doing this for performance reasons, to avoid loading a default theme that later is going to be overriden by each client.



2021-04-16 11:24

reporter   ~0007154

Ok, thank you. So we always need to redefine default scheme. Why does it work in XamlPlayer in that case?


2021-04-16 11:38

manager   ~0007155

XamlPlayer is embedding our Noesis theme ( and setting it at launch time.

You can do the same in unreal, the same theme is available at /Content/Theme and you can set it in settings.

Please, let me know if you need more help with this.


2021-04-16 11:39

manager   ~0007156

In Unity, we have a visual studio extension that setups a minimal projects with everything ready and our theme.

I think we should have the same for unreal.


2021-04-16 11:58

reporter   ~0007157

Thank you for your help Jesus. We will look at those themes.

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