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0002220NoesisGUIUnity3Dpublic2022-03-03 15:11
Reporterjsantos Assigned Tojsantos  
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Product Version3.1.2 
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Summary0002220: [Unity] Update Emscripten to 2.0.19

In Unity 2021.2, the underlying Emscripten compiler used by the WebGL platform was updated to version 2.0.19. Previous versions of Unity were using 1.38.11.

This is a breaking change, changing this will make our library incompatible with previous versions of Unity (or we can provide two separate libraries).
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has duplicate 0002246 resolvedjsantos Unity 2021.2.8f build issue 




2022-02-22 09:03

reporter   ~0007824

Do you have any updates when Noesis will update the Emscripten version?


2022-02-23 17:02

manager   ~0007826

Problem we have is that if we update Emscripten version we are going to break Unity versions previous to 2021.2. We are trying to find alternative ways (providing both versions of Noesis, inside the package or in a private folder).

For now the only workaround is using a version of Noesis before Unity 2021.2

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