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0002418NoesisGUIInspectorpublic2023-03-03 21:12
Reportersatorp Assigned Tosfernandez  
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Product Version3.1.3 
Target Version3.1.6Fixed in Version3.1.6 
Summary0002418: Add an option to limit Inspector target to local applications only
DescriptionCurrently Inspector "Connect to..." dialog will list all applications on the same network (subnet), which is useful for scenarios where remote inspection is necessary. But in a team environment where
- Several developers on the same network may use Inspector simultaneously
- Developers mostly use Inspector to debug local applications
the list will show too many similar targets, and it's unclear which application should be chosen as a target. It will be nice if there's an option to limit the list to local applications only.
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related to 0002525 assignedjsantos Inspector: Support explicit IP communication 




2022-09-13 13:11

manager   ~0008066

Thanks for this report! Could you please attach a screenshot with what you see in the "Connect to..." dialog? Just to think possible solutions and also to improve UX.


2022-09-14 11:11

reporter   ~0008070

Here is a screenshot of the dialog depicting 3 different applications (different colors) being run on several machines. One possible solution is to add a checkbox to enable IP address filtering (only show address of local machine). It will be also helpful if we can sort the list (e.g. by clicking on the list headers).
InspectorConnectToDialog.png (101,940 bytes)   
InspectorConnectToDialog.png (101,940 bytes)   

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