Application Class

namespace NoesisApp | MSDN

Encapsulates a NoesisGUI application.

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Name Description
RO Arguments Retrieves command line arguments
RO MainWindow Gets the main window of the application
RO RenderContext Gets the render context of the application
None Resources Gets or sets a collection of application-scope resources, such as styles and brushes
None StartupUri Gets or sets a UI that is automatically shown when application starts

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only


Name Description
Activated Occurs when an application becomes the foreground application
Current Gets the current application object
Deactivated Occurs when an application stops being the foreground application
Exit Occurs just before an application shuts down
Init Initializes the application with on the given display and command line arguments
Shutdown Shuts down an application that returns the specified exit code to the operating system
StartUp Occurs when the Application is initialized
Tick Ticks application


Application has no events

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