RepeatBehavior Class

namespace Noesis

Describes how a Timeline repeats its simple duration. Examples:
RepeatBehavior="2x" ---> Repeats 2 times RepeatBehavior="1.2:30:15.500" ---> [days.]hours:minutes:seconds[.fractionalSeconds] RepeatBehavior="2.1:20" ---> [days.]hours:minutes RepeatBehavior="5" ---> days RepeatBehavior="Forever" ---> Repeats forever

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Name Description
RO Count Gets repeat count. Only valid for repeat mode Count
RO Duration Gets repeat time duration. Only valid for repeat mode Duration
RO RepeatMode Gets repeat mode

DP_ Dependency Property      RO_ Read-only


Name Description
Forever Creates a RepeatBehavior object that specifies an infinite number of repetitions
ToString Generates a string representation of the point The string has the following form: "Forever", "2x", or a TimeSpan: "0:0:1"
TryParse Tries to parse a RepeatBehavior from a string


RepeatBehavior has no events

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