RepeatBehavior Class

namespace Noesis

Describes how a Timeline repeats its simple duration. Examples:
RepeatBehavior="2x" ---> Repeats 2 times RepeatBehavior="1.2:30:15.500" ---> [days.]hours:minutes:seconds[.fractionalSeconds] RepeatBehavior="2.1:20" ---> [days.]hours:minutes RepeatBehavior="5" ---> days RepeatBehavior="Forever" ---> Repeats forever

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Name Description
 Count Gets repeat count. Only valid for repeat mode Count
 Duration Gets repeat time duration. Only valid for repeat mode Duration
 RepeatMode Gets repeat mode

 Dependency Property    Reflection Property

Attached Properties

RepeatBehavior has no attached properties


Name Description
 Forever() Creates a RepeatBehavior object that specifies an infinite number of repetitions
 ToString() Generates a string representation of the point The string has the following form: "Forever", "2x", or a TimeSpan: "0:0:1"
 TryParse(txt, result) Tries to parse a RepeatBehavior from a string


RepeatBehavior has no events

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