DrawingContext Class

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Describes visual content using draw, push, and pop commands during UIElement OnRender.

When you use a DrawingContext object's draw commands, you are actually storing a set of rendering instructions that will later be used by the graphics system; you are not drawing to the screen in real-time.

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DrawingContext has no properties


Name Description
DrawEllipse Draws an ellipse with the specified Brush and Pen
DrawGeometry Draws the specified Geometry using the specified Brush and Pen
DrawImage Draws an image into the region defined by the specified Rect
DrawLine Draws a line between the specified points using the specified Pen
DrawRectangle Draws a rectangle with the specified Brush and Pen
DrawRoundedRectangle Draws a rounded rectangle with the specified Brush and Pen
DrawText Draws formatted text at the specified location
Pop Pops the last opacity mask, opacity, clip, effect, or transform operation that was pushed onto the drawing context
PushClip Pushes the specified clip region onto the drawing context
PushTransform Pushes the specified Transform onto the drawing context


DrawingContext has no events

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