FormattedText Class

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Provides low-level control for drawing text.

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Name Description
 BuildTextRuns(text, inlines, fontFamily, fontWeight, fontStretch, fontStyle, fontSize, strokeThickness, background, foreground, stroke, flowDirection, textDecorations, charSpacing) Generates and keeps a collection of runs from the supplied InlineCollection and for the specified font properties
 GetBounds() Gets text bounds
 GetGlyphPosition(chIndex, afterChar, x, y) Gets x/y coordinates at where the specified glyph is positioned. If the glyph is outside layout limits then -10 is returned for both x/y coordinates
 GetLineInfo(index) Gets information about the specified line
 GetNumLines() Gets the number of lines based on the last layout
 HitTest(x, y, isInside, isTrailing) Obtains the glyph index under the specified x/y coordinates, indicating if the point is inside the glyph bounds
 IsEmpty() Indicates if this FormattedText has no text
 Layout(alignment, wrapping, trimming, maxWidth, maxHeight, padding, lineHeight, lineStacking, flowDirection, discardNonVisibleGlyphs) Layouts and prepares text for rendering for the given constraints
 Measure(alignment, wrapping, trimming, maxWidth, maxHeight, lineHeight, lineStacking, flowDirection) Obtains the size of the stored runs for the given constraints


FormattedText has no events

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