Keyboard Class

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Represents the keyboard device.

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Keyboard has no properties

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Keyboard has no attached properties


Name Description
 ClearFocus() Clears focus
 Focus(element) Sets keyboard focus on the specified element. Returns the element that has focus after calling the function; may be an element other than that specified, even a null element
 GetFocused() Gets the element that has keyboard focus
 GetKeyStates(key) Gets the set of key states for the specified key
 GetModifiers() Gets the set of ModifierKeys that are currently pressed
 IsFocusable(element) Indicates if the specified element is focusable
 IsKeyDown(key) Determines whether the specified key is pressed
 IsKeyToggled(key) Determines whether the specified key is toggled
 IsKeyUp(key) Determines whether the specified key is released
 IsProcessingKeyEvent() Indicates if a Keyboard input event is being processed
 ResetState() Resets keyboard state


Keyboard has no events

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