RoutedUICommand Class

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A command that is routed through the element tree and contains a text property.

The following built-in commands are available in the ApplicationCommands class:

  • CancelPrint, Close, ContextMenu, Copy, CorrectionList, Cut, Delete, Find, Help, New, Open, Paste, Print, PrintPreview, Properties, Redo, Replace, Save, SaveAs, SelectAll, Stop, Undo

The following built-in commands are available in the ComponentCommands class:

  • ExtendSelectionDown, ExtendSelectionLeft, ExtendSelectionRight, ExtendSelectionUp, MoveDown, MoveFocusBack, MoveFocusDown, MoveFocusForward, MoveFocusPageDown, MoveFocusPageUp, MoveFocusUp, MoveLeft, MoveRight, MoveToEnd, MoveToHome, MoveToPageDown, MoveToPageUp, MoveUp, ScrollByLine, ScrollPageDown, ScrollPageLeft, ScrollPageRight, ScrollPageUp, SelectToEnd, SelectToHome, SelectToPageDown, SelectToPageUp
    <DockPanel Width="300" Height="300" Background="#505860">
        <Menu DockPanel.Dock="Top">
            <MenuItem Header="File"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Edit">
                <MenuItem Header="Copy" Command="ApplicationCommands.Copy"/>
                <MenuItem Header="Cut" Command="ApplicationCommands.Cut"/>
                <MenuItem Header="Paste" Command="ApplicationCommands.Paste"/>
            <MenuItem Header="Help"/>

Inheritance Hierarchy


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Name Description
 Text Gets or sets the text that describes this command

 Dependency Property    Reflection Property

From RoutedCommand

Name Description
 InputGestures Gets the collection of InputGesture objects that are associated with this command
 Name Gets the name of the command as it is registered in the CommandManager
 OwnerType Gets the class type of the object that defines the command

 Dependency Property    Reflection Property

Attached Properties

RoutedUICommand has no attached properties


From RoutedCommand

Name Description
 CanExecute(param, target) Determines whether this RoutedCommand can execute in its current state
 Execute(param, target) Executes the RoutedCommand on the current command target

From BaseCommand

Name Description
 CanExecute(param) Determines whether the command can execute in its current state
 CanExecuteChanged() Occurs when something changes that affects whether or not the command should execute
 Execute(param) This method is called when command is invoked
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