Released 2020-06-11
0001132: [C# SDK] Selector.SelectedValue and Selector.SelectedValuePath (sfernandez)
0001708: [Unity3D] ComboBox selection not updating when model changes (sfernandez)
0001721: [C++ SDK] Include 32-bit libraries for UWP C++ (jsantos)
0001687: [C# SDK] Cannot add both DropShadow effect and background to the same control (sfernandez)
0001654: [C# SDK] DropShadowEffect Side Effect (sfernandez)
0001655: [Unity3D] DropShadowEffect And Visual Corruption w/ Virtualizing Container (sfernandez)
0001723: [C++ SDK] Window class size different when NS_PROFILE was active (jsantos)
0001717: [Unity3D] Crash while playing in editor (sfernandez)
0001720: [C++ SDK] Font dependency incorrectly including ttf file (sfernandez)
0001719: [C++ SDK] Can't move focus to ItemsControl items using arrows (sfernandez)
0001718: [C# SDK] Incorrect binding error messages (sfernandez)
0001715: [C++ SDK] Crash when you click on TextBox with a not found FontFamily (sfernandez)
0001713: [C++ SDK] Popup and ComboBox do not work together nicely (sfernandez)
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