Released 2021-01-12
0001851: [Unity3D] Noesis 3.0.7 crash on Macbook Pro with AMD Radeon Metal Driver - Unity 2019.4.13f1 (jsantos)
0001875: [C++ SDK] Unknown random crash on DispatcherObject::VerifyAccess+0x3 (sfernandez)
0001871: [Unity3D] Crash in editor. (sfernandez)
0001872: [C++ SDK] Crash from clicking button (sfernandez)
0001876: [Unreal] LoadTexture crash in Unreal because it uses LoadObject in render thread (hcpizzi)
0001866: [C# SDK] ListBoxItem is automatically being focused even when a foreground element has consumed the MouseDown (sfernandez)
0001862: [C# SDK] Noesis ListView not cycling from last to first item (sfernandez)
0001864: [C++ SDK] Add an interactivity action to load xaml files dynamically (sfernandez)
0001861: [C# SDK] Crash when inheriting Binding or MultiBinding and using new class in xaml (sfernandez)
0001401: [C# SDK] Support for XAML Markup extensions (C#) (sfernandez)
0001853: [Unity3D] Unity crash being caused by a ListView ScollViewer style's GridViewHeaderRowPresenter element (sfernandez)
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