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Maintains run-time timing state for a Timeline.

A Timeline, by itself, doesn't actually do anything other than describe a segment of time. It's the timeline's Clock object that does the real work: it maintains timing-related run-time state for the timeline.

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Name Description
 CurrentIteration Get the current iteration of this clock within its current active period, or -1 if this clock is stopped
 CurrentProgress Gets the current progress of Clock within its current iteration. This is a value between 0.0 and 1.0
 CurrentTime Gets this clock's current time within its current iteration
 Parent Gets or sets the clock that is the parent of this clock
 Timeline Gets the Timeline from which this Clock was created

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Attached Properties

Clock has no attached properties


Name Description
 GetCurrentState() Gets a value indicating whether the clock is currently Active, Filling or Stopped
 HasControllableRoot() Gets a value that indicates whether this Clock is part of a controllable clock tree


Name Description
 Completed Occurs when this clock has completely finished playing

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