Released 2020-08-03
0001500: [C# SDK] TextBlock Character Spacing Extension (jsantos)
0001593: [C# SDK] Unity3D cannot use the mouse click control when displaying multiple screens (jsantos)
0001678: [Unity3D] WebGL Build Produces Different XAML Colors (jsantos)
0001688: [C# SDK] View.Noesis_View_Update() Hangs Built Player (jsantos)
0001750: [C++ SDK] Random crash in complex scenes (jsantos)
0001762: [C++ SDK] Attributes with d: prefix not ignored if defined before mc:Ignorable attribute (sfernandez)
0001761: [C++ SDK] Compile error due to 'double' to 'float' conversion in VS2019 (sfernandez)
0001759: [Unity3D] Template resources defined in visual tree are incorrectly being shared (sfernandez)
0001758: [C++ SDK] Can't set Row/Column of items within an ItemsControl with Grid items host (sfernandez)
0001757: [C++ SDK] HorizontalOffset/VerticalOffset to move ToolTip does not work. (sfernandez)
0001552: [C# SDK] Sharing column or row sizes between grids with BaseDefinition.ShareSizeGroup does not work. (sfernandez)
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