Released 2020-10-30
0001811: [Unity3D] using Render texture mode with HDRP causes render overlap in viewport an rewrite in other render textures (jsantos)
0001825: [Unity3D] Problem creating Unity Render Textures when linear rendering is enabled (jsantos)
0001824: [C++ SDK] Character spacing + viewbox does not calculate bounds correctly (jsantos)
0001818: [Unity3D] Unity + iOS Build Errors when using only Metal in Graphics APIs (jsantos)
0001814: [Unity3D] Crash closing Unity after compiling scripts while playing (jsantos)
0001806: [Unity3D] Crashing when entering play or updating XAMLs (sfernandez)
0001809: [C++ SDK] Selector doesn't synchonise selected index correctly (sfernandez)
0001813: [C++ SDK] Use of deprecated texture2D() in OpenGL 3.1+ shaders (jsantos)
0001798: [C++ SDK] Memory leak when using ContextMenuService.PlacementTarget (sfernandez)
0001810: [C++ SDK] BringIntoView ignores target rectangle (sfernandez)
0001807: [C++ SDK] PS4 Compile error in 3.0.6 (jsantos)
0001648: [Unity3D] Possible to delete items by right clicking while dragging in inventory example (sfernandez)
0001803: [C++ SDK] Implement support for setting the global culture (jsantos)
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