Released 2020-05-21
0001683: [C# SDK] SetManipulationContainerHelper Causes Fatal Crash (sfernandez)
0001680: [Unity3D] Missing Info.plist on Noesis.bundle at macOS (jsantos)
0001620: [Unity3D] GC Allocations #1 (jsantos)
0001671: [Unity3D] Adding elements to a panel and removing them is not de-allocating memory (sfernandez)
0001676: [Unity3D] Noesis WebGL Development Build Fails with Errors - Unresolved Noesis Symbols (jsantos)
0001668: [Unity3D] NoesisPostProcessor.ImportXaml NullReferneceException After Font Deletion (jsantos)
0001672: [Unity3D] Noesis Trial Text Upside Down (jsantos)
0001673: [Unity3D] Trial License Key Does Not Work (sfernandez)
0001666: [Unity3D] PPAA Behavior (jsantos)
0001662: [C# SDK] MonoManager Reload Assembly Crashes Editor (sfernandez)
0001622: [C++ SDK] NativeSDK - Android platform android_x86_64 (jsantos)
0001638: [C++ SDK] Expose PPAA tesellator scale (jsantos)
0001653: [Unity3D] Noesis_View_Update(...) Hard Locks Unity (sfernandez)
0001657: [C# SDK] Emoji rendering issue (jsantos)
0001637: [C++ SDK] 'PlaySoundA' is not a member of 'Noesis::GUI' (jsantos)
0001651: [C# SDK] Emojis opacity support (jsantos)
0001652: [C# SDK] Expander.IsExpanded Does Not Work (sfernandez)
0001644: [C# SDK] Dispatcher issues (sfernandez)
0001474: [C# SDK] Missing Window events (sfernandez)
0001632: [C# SDK] Twemoji not supported (jsantos)
0001631: [C# SDK] Missing SizeToContent property of the Window (sfernandez)
0001643: [C++ SDK] NS_WARNING_POP Missing in BaseFreezableCollection.h (jsantos)
0001615: [C++ SDK] Hang in UIInline Container (sfernandez)
0001623: [Unity3D] Unity Engine Editor crashing randomly after hitting play a after having played previously. (sfernandez)
0001626: [Unity3D] You get a stack overflow exception if clicking a TreeViewItem that has a template set in it's style. (sfernandez)
0001505: [C++ SDK] Can't get access to application resource dictionary (jsantos)
0001440: [C++ SDK] EASTL Version (jsantos)
0001617: [Unity3D] Separator does not properly stretch in vertical orientation (sfernandez)
0001639: [C++ SDK] Assert when connecting element to a different view (sfernandez)
0001354: [C++ SDK] Remove IResourceKey from C++ API (sfernandez)
0001550: [C# SDK] ObservableCollection.Move generates a Noesis Unimplemented Error (sfernandez)
0001554: [C# SDK] Need a mechanism to know when it's safe to dispose of the FileStream object used to provide textures (jsantos)
0000878: [Unity3D] DropShadows (jsantos)
0001263: [Unity3D] ContentControl.ContentStringFormat is not implemented. (sfernandez)
0001629: [Unity3D] Get exceptions when using TextBox in MenuItem or overflow ToolBar (sfernandez)
0001379: [C# SDK] New approach for loading ResourceDictionary similar to WPF's Application.Resources (sfernandez)
0001322: [Unity3D] Implementation of IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
0000791: [Unity3D] IMultiValueConverter is missing (sfernandez)
0001364: [C++ SDK] Support for MultiBinding and IMultiValueConverter (sfernandez)
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