NoesisGUI 3.0 Release Notes

Version 3.0.12

Released 4 May 2021 - Download

  • Enhancement Added support for all types of Popup animations: Fade, Slide, and Scroll.
  • Enhancement Added Focus method to allow users to focus controls in code without engaging.
  • Enhancement Improved custom controls documentation (#1965).
  • Enhancement C# Added IsGrabbed() helper function to extends code (#1974).
  • Enhancement Unity Added error message when an explicit dependency cannot be found (#1985).
  • Fixed Binding not reevaluated if source property changed while invalidating target property (#1945).
  • Fixed Crash generating TickBar for a Slider with many ticks.
  • Fixed Crash when BindingExpression destroyed while invalidating target.
  • Fixed ComboBox not focusing or scrolling when no default selected item (#1958).
  • Fixed Tooltip issues (#1879).
  • Fixed Viewbox also scales Tooltip (#1956).
  • Fixed TextBox crashing when using a ScrollViewer without IScrollInfo (#1968).
  • Fixed Incorrect layout of Path with Uniform stretch inside WrapPanel (#1972).
  • Fixed GridView Column is frozen (#1973).
  • Fixed TabControl focus inconsistent with WPF standard (#1979).
  • Fixed DataTemplate XAML reports duplicate name elements (#1994).
  • Fixed Game renders black screen in OnePlus phones with Android 10 (#1919).
  • Fixed Compile error in Error.h when running static analysis (#1953).
  • Fixed XamlPlayer crashing when dropping App.xaml files (#1978).
  • Fixed Const correctness for collection methods IndexOf, Contains and Remove (#1997).
  • Fixed ManipulationDelta events only raised when finger is moved or on inertia.
  • Fixed Cancel manipulation inertia when source element removed from tree.
  • Fixed Compiling error on Linux (#1944).
  • Fixed Item collection failing when calling Move with same index.
  • Fixed C# .NET 5 has broken RunClassConstructor workaround (#1897).
  • Fixed C# Crash destroying ItemsControl if attached to its ItemContainerGenerator events.
  • Fixed C# Keyboard missing ClearFocus() method (#1983).
  • Fixed Unity Preview stats compatible with both Light/Dark themes.
  • Fixed Unity Crash in Editor after entering play mode (#1943).
  • Fixed Unity Can't get ApplicationResources dictionary (#1962).
  • Fixed Unity Crash when calling LoadXaml() in NoesisView without being enabled (#1964).
  • Fixed Unreal Random crashes when modifying Blueprint classes.
  • Fixed Unreal Removed RestoreUITexturePNGPremultipliedAlpha from NoesisSettings (#1959).
  • Fixed Unreal Array notifications for members of parent classes not working (#1960).

Version 3.0.11

Released 15 March 2021 - Download

  • Feature Unreal Support for localization using LocText and LocTable extensions.
  • Enhancement Added new RadialMenu sample.
  • Enhancement View exposing threshold parameters for Tapped, DoubleTapped and Holding (#1931).
  • Enhancement Added information about touching fingers to manipulation events (#1913).
  • Enhancement C# Added support for disabling Keyboard, Mouse or Touch input events in a Window.
  • Fixed Manipulation inertia generating NaN values for angular velocity.
  • Fixed Popup not checking if target element is in the tree (#1928).
  • Fixed Crash updating inherited values with closing Tooltip (#1933).
  • Fixed ContextMenu and Tooltip are no longer logical children to match WPF.
  • Fixed Error converting PathGeometry Figures property from string (#1929).
  • Fixed FormattedText GetBounds(), GetGlyphPosition() and HitTest() returning inverted y-coordinate (#1878).
  • Fixed Better antialiasing geometry for underlines when PPAA enabled (#1922).
  • Fixed Slider Ticks disappearing (#1924).
  • Fixed Vertical Slider rendering ticks in reverse order.
  • Fixed Reversed Slider rendering selection incorrectly.
  • Fixed Crash with more than 5 active manipulations (#1932).
  • Fixed RTTI not correctly enabled in Android for official SDKs (#1855).
  • Fixed Crash shutting down Gallery if TextBox context menu was opened.
  • Fixed Removed PPAA glitches in Menu3D.
  • Fixed Unreal Use RuntimeDependencies with $(BinaryOutputDir) to manage copying Noesis.dll.
  • Fixed Unity Crash when Target destroyed before TargetedTriggerAction (#1930).
  • Fixed Unity Crash importing XAML with DP type not matching default value type (#1936).
  • Fixed Unity Warnings when building WebGL with development flag.
  • Fixed C# ChangePropertyAction converter not using InvariantCulture.
  • Fixed App C# Inconsistent behavior in OpenGL RenderContexts (#1923).

Version 3.0.10

Released 10 Feb 2021 - Download

  • Enhancement Better error message when calling TransformToAncestor with non related visuals.
  • Enhancement Added VerifyAccess to Visual functions to detect uses from other threads.
  • Enhancement New Workflow tutorial.
  • Fixed Touch on TextBox not receiving focus as expected (#1918 #1887).
  • Fixed Touch capture not released when cancelling ManipulationStarted (#1883).
  • Fixed Syntax difference with WPF when using TimeSpan in XAML (#1917).
  • Fixed Template DataTrigger spams binding log channel when recreating ItemsSource collection.
  • Fixed Animations using key frames not cloned when used inside templates.
  • Fixed Mouse position not reset after cancelling or completing a manipulation.
  • Fixed Support optional suffix "Extension" for MarkupExtensions (#1885).
  • Fixed Error when TextBox caret blinks inside a Popup (#1907).
  • Fixed Crash using invalid MultiBinding inside a DataTrigger (#1904).
  • Fixed MultiBinding inside DataTemplate not working (#1893).
  • Fixed MultiBinding Converter should be called even if inner bindings failed to resolve.
  • Fixed Inner bindings BindingMode not correctly applied (#1900).
  • Fixed Nine-slice ToolTips showing lines in the background when opened multiple times (#1891).
  • Fixed Crash in Inspector when tracking focused element with menus (#1895).
  • Fixed Non thread-safe code in Inspector TextureProvider (#1898).
  • Fixed 'GL_EXT_buffer_storage' blacklisted for Mali devices in GL renderer.
  • Fixed Unity Crash when entering play while destroying a ListBox (#1911).
  • Fixed Unity Crash with effects while idling in scene mode (#1882 #1916).
  • Fixed C# TargetedTriggerAction crashing when binding value type to TargetObject (#1908).
  • Fixed C# Setting WindowState Minimized not working as expected (#1914).

Version 3.0.9

Released 12 Jan 2021 - Download

  • Enhancement Unreal plugin updated to UE4.26.
  • Enhancement Added support for hyphens to line breaking algorithm (#1860).
  • Enhancement Added new LoadContentAction to set the content of a ContentControl by loading a XAML file (#1864).
  • Enhancement RTTI enabled in Android for official SDKs (#1855).
  • Enhancement Added SetEmulateTouch() to View for touch emulation from mouse input.
  • Enhancement App Implemented support for HDPI in macOS display.
  • Enhancement C# Added support for custom MarkupExtensions (#1401).
  • Fixed Crash destroying GridViewColumnHeader in ListView (#1853).
  • Fixed ChangePropertyAction Value not always updated when action invoked.
  • Fixed Crash when inheriting Binding or MultiBinding and using new class in XAML (#1861).
  • Fixed Removed circular reference when using EventTrigger or TargetedTriggerAction.
  • Fixed ListBox and ListView not cycling from last to first item (#1862).
  • Fixed ListBoxItem automatically being focused even when a foreground element consumed the MouseDown (#1866).
  • Fixed Crash on MacBook Pro with Radeon GPUs (#1851).
  • Fixed Crash unregistering bindings from Tooltip (#1872).
  • Fixed DoubleTapped is now properly promoted to DoubleClick.
  • Fixed Crash closing Tooltip (#1875).
  • Fixed C# Enum DependencyProperty getting wrong int values (#1877).
  • Fixed Unity Crash on Binding GetConverterHelper when serializing object (#1867).
  • Fixed Unity Crash in editor using destroyed texture native pointer (#1871).
  • Fixed Unity Circular dependencies in XAMLs causing stack overflow when resolving dependencies (#1874).
  • Fixed Unreal ApplicationResources and DefaultFonts destroyed when loading map (#1876).

Version 3.0.8

Released 4 Dec 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added NineSlice sample.
  • Enhancement Added DataEventTrigger to interactivity for view model event triggers.
  • Enhancement Created MessageBox user control (#1833).
  • Enhancement Offscreen rendering avoided when using element Opacity on simple nodes (#1568).
  • Fixed Button Click event not raised when pressing gamepad Accept with Alt key pressed (#1834).
  • Fixed Crash on TextBox using template with no 'PART_ContentHost' (#1836).
  • Fixed Changes made to ApplicationResources not notified to the tree (#1802).
  • Fixed ItemContainerGenerator StartBatch and StopBatch methods should be public.
  • Fixed Missing "template" statements in TypePropertyUtil.h (#1843).
  • Fixed D3D11RenderDevice not clearing pixel shader resource slots (#1844).
  • Fixed Crash using MultiBinding inside DataTrigger (#1784, #1812).
  • Fixed ListBox selection always reverted to last focused item (#1839).
  • Fixed C# FormattedText exposes nothing (#1831).
  • Fixed C# Exposed Texture properties: Width, Height, HasMipMaps, IsInverted.
  • Fixed C# TypeDescriptor can't find a valid TypeConverter for Brush (#1817).
  • Fixed Unreal Font dependencies with absolute paths or relative paths using '..' not working.
  • Fixed Unreal Incorrect View and Texture dimensions for first frame.
  • Fixed Unreal Data binding textures not being reloaded.
  • Fixed Unity NoesisPostProcessor 'Sharing violation' exception importing fonts (#1841).
  • Fixed Unity Metal assertion 'Already have uncommitted encoder' (#1832).

Version 3.0.7

Released 29 Oct 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement PS4 render device performance improvements.
  • Enhancement Potential crash when loading several pipelines in Metal render device.
  • Enhancement Added support for BufferStorage to GL renderer.
  • Enhancement Implemented support for setting the global culture (#1803).
  • Enhancement Allow moving selected frame in Inspector using left/right arrow keys when paused.
  • Enhancement App Implemented support for NDK Choreographer in Android to pump frames.
  • Enhancement App Added support for EGL_ANDROID_get_frame_timestamps in GL render context to measure frames.
  • Enhancement C++ Matrix and Transform codegen inline improvements.
  • Enhancement C# Added TransformBounds to Matrix class.
  • Enhancement Unity Unity Texture supported in DataBinding, internally converted to TextureSource.
  • Enhancement Unity Thumbnails are correctly generated when linear rendering is enabled.
  • Enhancement Unity Render to texture is no longer using an internal camera (#1815).
  • Enhancement Unity Support for explicit update in NoesisView.
  • Enhancement Unity Added 'Assets->Create->Noesis Render Texture' (#1825).
  • Enhancement Unity NoesisSettings file is now created by default in 'Assets/Resources'.
  • Fixed Cancelled drag operations incorrectly notifying allowed effects (#1648).
  • Fixed BringIntoView ignores target rectangle (#1810).
  • Fixed Blur and Shadow fragment shaders unrolled in OpenGL ES to avoid issues in older drivers.
  • Fixed RepeatButton can crash if unloaded while timer is active.
  • Fixed Memory leak when using ContextMenuService PlacementTarget (#1798).
  • Fixed Selector not synchronizing selected index correctly when binding SelectedValue (#1809).
  • Fixed Wheel scrolling possible with Menu opened inside a ScrollViewer.
  • Fixed Use of deprecated texture2D() in OpenGL 3.1+ shaders (#1813).
  • Fixed Character spacing + viewbox does not calculate bounds correctly (#1824).
  • Fixed C# ManipulationDeltaEventArgs DeltaManipulation incorrectly returning cumulative values.
  • Fixed C# ManipulationDelta Scale, Translation and Expansion returning a Vector, as in WPF.
  • Fixed Unity Crash entering play or updating XAMLs (#1806).
  • Fixed Unity Using Render texture mode with HDRP causes render overlap (#1811).
  • Fixed Unity Crash closing Unity after compiling scripts while playing (#1814).
  • Fixed Unity iOS Build Errors when using only Metal in Graphics APIs (#1818).
  • Fixed Unity Noesis settings asset fields occasionally reset (#1716).
  • Fixed Unity Crash destroying Selector while compiling script changes.

Version 3.0.6

Released 25 Sep 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added "Auto connect" option to Inspector.
  • Enhancement Inspector render/update performance graphs stacked.
  • Fixed Crash rendering text when changing foreground (#1794, #1797).
  • Fixed ContextMenu ignores keyboard keys (#1792).
  • Fixed Inspector performance graph not drawn until hovered with the mouse.
  • Fixed Inspector render stats showing 0 or INF values when pausing just after connection.
  • Fixed Calling Focus() on previously collapsed TextBox not showing caret and can't write (#1795).
  • Fixed Making selection changes on a collapsed TextBox not working.
  • Fixed Shift key not extending mouse selection in TextBox.
  • Fixed TextBox Foreground ignored when template ScrollViewer has different Foreground (#1791).
  • Fixed Collection.Move doesn't keep the bound selected item (#1796).
  • Fixed C# KeyTrigger not working if ModifierKeys property wasn't set (#1799).

Version 3.0.5

Released 18 Sep 2020 - Download

  • Feature Tapped, DoubleTapped, Holding and RightTapped events implements in UIElement (#1533).
  • Enhancement Showing context menu on Holding event for touch devices.
  • Enhancement Added UpdateInspector() to integration API.
  • Enhancement Added ScrollIntoView() for ComboBox (#1778).
  • Enhancement Performance improvements in OpenGL shaders.
  • Enhancement Improved memory allocations in Linear gradients.
  • Enhancement Brushes correctly rendering inside text Runs (#1221) (preview).
  • Enhancement GetTouchPoint() implemented in TouchEventArgs (#962).
  • Enhancement C# Memory usage stats exposed (#1764).
  • Enhancement Inspector Support for multiple applications in the same machine.
  • Enhancement Inspector Improved compatibility with Unity and Unreal editors.
  • Enhancement Unreal Support for hot reloading of xamls and textures.
  • Enhancement Unreal Performance improvements to RHI RenderDevice implementation.
  • Enhancement Unity Continuous Rendering property is now only visible when rendering to texture.
  • Enhancement Unity Added 'Subpixel Rendering' toggle to view component.
  • Enhancement Unity Realtime stats panel refined.
  • Fixed Crash when using SharedSizeGroup with collapsed grids (#1768).
  • Fixed Crash when adding/removing Grid in a shared size group during measure (#1776).
  • Fixed Storyboard FillBehavior ignored by children timelines (#1775).
  • Fixed Unable to set Storyboard Target in code (#1774).
  • Fixed OneTime bindings not reevaluated when source changed (#1714).
  • Fixed Changing ItemTemplate property not updating item container template.
  • Fixed Crash defining ResourceDictionary with x:Name inside Resources (#1780).
  • Fixed Metadata overrides for DependencyObject type ignored (#1782).
  • Fixed Rare shader compiler error in Android (#1770).
  • Fixed Crash inside event handler (#1769).
  • Fixed Crash rendering offscreen effects (#1779).
  • Fixed Canvas positions can't be Infinity (#1756).
  • Fixed Absolute radial gradients not rendering on some android devices due to precision problems.
  • Fixed Crash when using Binding in StoryboardCompletedTrigger Storyboard property.
  • Fixed Some duration formats are not supported by xaml parser (#1785).
  • Fixed Differing header files between Linux and Win distribution (#1787).
  • Fixed Collection Move not supported by ItemCollection and VirtualizingStackPanel.
  • Fixed TSF When used in tablet, tapping any part of the window makes keyboard appear (#1760).
  • Fixed C# Signature mismatch of RoutedEventArgs constructor (#1773).
  • Fixed C# Queue empty exception on C# Dispatcher (#1767).
  • Fixed C# Numeric value displayed for enums instead of string value (#1714).
  • Fixed C# Crash on interactivity triggers defined inside templates.
  • Fixed Unreal Rare crash compiling Blueprint.
  • Fixed Unreal View debug visualizations crashing.
  • Fixed Unity HDRP rendering UI in Scene View window (#1766).
  • Fixed Unity Crash destroying Selector with data bound ItemsSource.

Version 3.0.4

Released 31 Jul 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Revamped UE4 integration
  • Many bug fixes and major improvements to workflow.
  • Added compatibility with UE4.25.
  • New First Steps Tutorial.
  • Enhancement Sharing column or row sizes between Grids with ShareSizeGroup (#1552).
  • Enhancement Gradients are now always interpolated in sRGB space (as in WPF).
  • Enhancement Implemented GradientBrush ColorInterpolationMode property.
  • Enhancement Added support for CharacterSpacing (#1500).
  • Enhancement Noesis Update no longer blocking, behaving again as in 2.2 (#1688).
  • Enhancement Unity Support for Multi-display (#1593).
  • Fixed HorizontalOffset and VerticalOffset to move Tooltip does not work (#1757).
  • Fixed Tooltip PlacementTarget not updated to owner.
  • Fixed Can't set items Row or Column within an ItemsControl with Grid items host (#1758).
  • Fixed Template resources defined in visual tree incorrectly shared (#1759).
  • Fixed Attributes with d: prefix not ignored if defined before mc:Ignorable attribute (#1762).
  • Fixed Added support for linear rendering to GL renderer (#1678).
  • Fixed Random crash in complex scenes (#1750).
  • Fixed Crash on drag completed if target was destroyed during drop operation.
  • Fixed Unity Incorrect OnPostprocessTexture alpha premultiplication in linear rendering.

Version 3.0.3

Released 13 Jul 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added missing .sln for all sample Blend projects.
  • Enhancement C# App Defined default system font fallbacks.
  • Fixed Static extension can't parse types with nested namespaces (#1728).
  • Fixed Cannot set a property inside of a converter using a resource (#1729).
  • Fixed SkewTransform does not look the same as in WPF (#1731).
  • Fixed Crash when clicking on a TextBox without a default font (#1733).
  • Fixed TextBox with IsFocusEngagementEnabled="False" does not work properly (#1732).
  • Fixed Crash after dragging ListView headers (#1740).
  • Fixed Crash reloading a xaml with duplicate x:Name elements (#1741).
  • Fixed Can't use StaticResource for MultiBinding inner bindings (#1735).
  • Fixed Crash when playing visual state animations (#1743).
  • Fixed VGLFontFace crashes on unloading (#1689).
  • Fixed DragDrop.DoDragDrop incorrectly reporting effects (#1746).
  • Fixed Tooltip ShowDuration doesn't work (#1739).
  • Fixed VirtualizationMode=Recycling breaks inheritance (#1745).
  • Fixed Bindings not working inside ContentPresenter when using visual content (#1747).
  • Fixed Crash destroying TextBlock with multiple brushes (#1749).
  • Fixed TabControl selection issue (#1751).
  • Fixed Interactivity TargetedTriggerAction not executing sometimes (#1755).
  • Fixed Assert in GlyphCache::GetGlyph (#1753).
  • Fixed C# Implementations of IScrollInfo being ignored (#1734).
  • Fixed Unity Crash on reimporting xaml (#1725).
  • Fixed Unity Crash when stopping and playing scene (#1737).

Version 3.0.2

Released 6 Jun 2020 - Download

  • C++ Added support for x86 and ARM in UWP (#1721).
  • Fixed C++ Window class size changing with NS_PROFILE macro (#1723).
  • Fixed Controls occupying the entire surface disappearing when using effects (#1654, #1655, #1687).
  • Fixed ComboBox selection not updating when model changes (#1708).
  • Fixed Popup and ComboBox do not work together nicely (#1713).
  • Fixed Crash when you click on TextBox with a not found FontFamily (#1715).
  • Fixed Incorrect binding error messages loading an ItemsControl (#1718).
  • Fixed Can't move focus to ItemsControl items using arrows (#1719).
  • Fixed Font dependency incorrectly including TTF file (#1720).
  • Fixed Unity Crash while playing in editor (#1717).

Version 3.0.1

Released 28 May 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Removed includes to <windows.h> in public headers (#1690).
  • Enhancement Noesis not compiling properly with Clang as static libraries (#1695).
  • Enhancement Visual Studio NatVis not working when building static lib (#1694).
  • Fixed Win32Display not working on Windows 7 (#1698).
  • Fixed Crash when rendering first frame before initial View Update (#1696, #1701).
  • Fixed Crash in SDF generator (#1700).
  • Fixed Crash in RenderOffscreen (#1692).
  • Fixed Unity Application resources can't use StaticResource between merged dictionaries (#1699).
  • Fixed Unity Crash doing "Reimport All" (#1697, #1702).

Version 3.0.0

Released 21 May 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement App Implemented OpenUrl in UIKitDisplay.
  • Fixed App AppKitDisplay never closing when About menu is visible.
  • Fixed App Support for SizeToContent in AppKitDisplay.
  • Fixed C# Potential leak in view Timers.
  • Fixed Rare glitch when rendering BlurEffect.
  • Fixed Generated makefiles were incorrectly using 'mv' instead of 'move' in Windows.

Version 3.0.0rc7

Released 12 May 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Reviewed samples included in C++ SDK.
  • Enhancement Added 3D transforms to Inventory sample.
  • Enhancement Unity plugin is now a .dylib in macOS.

Version 3.0.0rc6

Released 11 May 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Exposed DispatcherPriority in Dispatcher (#1679).
  • Enhancement Added default font fallbacks for Asian scripts in Linux.
  • Enhancement Binaries for macOS notarized.
  • Enhancement Inspector improvements:
  • Adorners showing as filled paths matching Chrome browser inspection colors.
  • Fixed Changing selected node not updating adorners.
  • Fixed Padding adorner not updated when changing Padding.
  • Fixed HitTest was picking selection path adorner.
  • Fixed Crash if ItemsControl gets destroyed before its ItemCollection.
  • Fixed Missing Info.plist on Noesis.bundle at macOS (#1680).
  • Fixed Issue when hot-reloading pattern paints (#1681).

Version 3.0.0rc5

Released 7 May 2020 - Download

  • Added 3d subtree content bounds debugging.
  • Avoid scaling adorners and update them only when needed.
  • Prevent the debug canvases from showing in the visual tree.
  • Fixed Caret disappearing when TextBox gets scaled down.
  • Fixed C# Interactivity classes causing memory leaks (#1671).
  • Fixed C# Unity samples using WeakReference pattern to attach to events.
  • Fixed Unity NoesisPostProcessor NullReferenceException after font deletion (#1668).
  • Fixed Unity WebGL build fails with errors (#1676).

Version 3.0.0rc4

Released 4 May 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added OculusVR sample to C++ SDK.
  • Enhancement 3D Transforms tutorial.
  • Fixed Render glitches when using 3D Transforms.
  • Fixed Named elements not added to the tree on hot reloading.
  • Fixed Crash invalidating geometries (#1674).
  • Fixed Selection lost when activating Inspector window.
  • Fixed Debug glyph and ramp textures not showing when adorners were selected in Inspector.
  • Fixed C# Not using Key/ModifierKeys native types and converters.

Version 3.0.0rc3

Released 30 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Fixed C# Linking issues in iOS projects.
  • Fixed C# AppKitDisplay crash closing application.
  • Fixed C# Crash after reloading scripts (#1675).

Version 3.0.0rc2

Released 28 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Improvements to Rendering Architecture document.
  • Enhancement C# LogicalTreeHelper API is now as in WPF.
  • Fixed C# App V-sync not enabled by default.
  • Fixed C# Memory leaks when using ResourceDictionary in code.

Version 3.0.0rc1

Released 28 Apr 2020 - Download

  • NoesisGUI requires now activation with a License Key.
  • Enhancement App Implemented OpenUrl() in AndroidDisplay.
  • Enhancement Support for multi-touch in Slider.
  • Fixed Bindings not working on EasingFunctions.
  • Fixed BounceEase crashing with Bounces=1.
  • Fixed Crash when adding non-UIElement visual as a layer to View root.
  • Fixed Invalid projection matrix when calling View.SetSize(0, 0).
  • Fixed Crash unregistering Rendering event on shutdown (#1662).

Version 3.0.0b9

Released 24 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Unity Platform android-x86 no longer supported.
  • Enhancement PPAA: exposed PPAAIn and PPAAOut as XAML extensions (#1638).
  • Enhancement Improved performance for stroked paths.
  • Enhancement System fonts loading faster in iOS.
  • Enhancement Improvements to Inspector:
  • Better organization for performance counters.
  • Detect resource renames for reloading (to support Visual Studio).
  • Added buttons for showing glyph and ramp atlases.
  • FontFamily showing source URI.
  • Avoid showing duplicated attached properties.
  • Correct selection of TextBlock with Inlines.
  • Persist project path across sessions.
  • Previous value preserved when editing properties.
  • Fixed MemoryAccessViolation on XAML reloading (#1659)

Version 3.0.0b8

Released 16 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Improvements to Inspector:
  • Views identified by an index and shown as 0: MainWindow.xaml
  • Added buttons to show Glyph and Gradient internal textures.
  • Reorganized render stats.
  • Remove adorners when Inspector disconnects.
  • Reset Inspector toolbar buttons when target is disconnected.
  • Enhancement XamlPlayer exposing Content.xaml to Inspector to allow easy remote modifications.
  • Enhancement C# Added DisableInspector function.
  • Fixed DropShadowEffect ignoring alpha channel of Color property (as in WPF).
  • Fixed Disabled LCD rendering during offscreen generation.
  • Fixed Emoji rendering issue (#1657).
  • Fixed Unity Noesis_View_Update(...) Hard Locks Unity (#1653).
  • Fixed Unity Font preview crashing when launching Unity with empty scene.

Version 3.0.0b7

Released 13 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added placeholder texts to Login sample.
  • Enhancement Improved Providers tutorial with Hot-Reloading section.
  • Enhancement Added support for new behaviors namespace
  • xmlns:b=""
  • Enhancement Inspector Avoid passing mouse events to the application while using mouse selection.
  • Fixed Grid layout failing with span elements sometimes.
  • Fixed Incorrect frame interpolation with Duration greater than last frame time.
  • Fixed Emojis opacity support (#1651).
  • Fixed PlaySound renamed to PlayAudio to avoid conflicts with Win32 API (#1637).
  • Fixed Window using SizeToContent not centering content when display couldn't resize.

Version 3.0.0b6

Released 7 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Fixed Some interactivity classes not working when setting properties after being attached.
  • Fixed Added missing Window events to C# (#1474).
  • Fixed C# Missing glyphs after reloading assemblies.

Version 3.0.0b5

Released 2 Apr 2020 - Download

  • Feature Added Reloaded event for hot-reloading scenarios.
  • Enhancement Performance and robustness improvements to XAML hot-reloading.
  • Enhancement Avoid initial animations for ToggleButton, TreeView and Expander in Noesis Theme.
  • Enhancement Improved performance of inherited properties.
  • Fixed Crash finding system fonts in macOS.
  • Fixed Data binding overwriting bound properties with default values (#1645).
  • Fixed C# ResourceDictionary Keys enumeration causing crash.
  • Fixed C# Missing types when loading additional assemblies.
  • Fixed C# Dispatcher operation not delivering exceptions to UnhandledException handler.

Version 3.0.0b4

Released 26 Mar 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Added a debug theme (magenta) for default styles.
  • Enhancement Improved atlas usage when using Emojis.
  • Enhancement System fonts loading performance improvements.
  • Enhancement Support for UI scale in Inspector (command-line --scale X).
  • Enhancement App Added default font fallbacks for Emojis and Asian scripts.
  • Fixed TreeViewItem incorrectly using DataContext as item for the SelectedItem property.
  • Fixed Effects incorrectly sampling border.
  • Fixed C# Calling base.Measure|ArrangeOverride() was always returning zero.
  • Fixed Implemented Window SizeToContent property (#1631).
  • Fixed Emojis rendering not working with a few fonts, like Twemoji (#1632).
  • Fixed TextBox caret sometimes disappearing or placed over the characters.
  • Fixed Caret remains visible after setting IsReadOnly to true in a TextBox.
  • Fixed ToolBar overflow panel remains open when overflow items are removed.

Version 3.0.0b3

Released 19 Mar 2020 - Download

  • Enhancement Improvements and fixes for Inspector.
  • Fixed Implemented item Move() for ItemContainerGenerator and Panel (#1550).
  • Fixed Assert when connecting element to a different view (#1639).
  • Fixed Error spam clearing collections with DataContext bindings (#1572).
  • Fixed Unity Different .asset files when importing on mac vs windows (#1636).

Version 3.0.0b2

Released 16 Mar 2020 - Download

  • Feature Support for Unity 2019.3
  • Feature Unity High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) supported.
  • Feature Unity Support for Hot Reloading in Play Mode (disabled by default in global settings).
  • Fixed Unity Standalone builds not working.
  • Fixed Application resource dictionaries should seal values.

Version 3.0.0b1

Released 11 Mar 2020 - Download

  • Website XamlToy is our new place to try NoesisGUI online using WebGL.

  • Feature Inspector is a new tool for profiling and analyzing applications using NoesisGUI. It remotely connects to the application and allows inspecting each element, profiling perfomance, hot-reloading of asssets, access to the console and much more things.

  • Feature New Noesis Theme supporting Dark/Light and Accent color variations. All controls have been adjusted to have a more modern aspect by default. There is also a new Gallery application showcasing the new control styles.

  • Feature New plugin for Adobe After Effects (preview) to export Lottie animations to XAML.

  • Feature Hot reloading of assets. Providers expose a delegate to inform about content changes.

  • Feature BlurEffect (preview) and DropShadowEffect (preview) implemented (#1526, #878).

  • Feature Implemented PathGeometry (preview) allowing rich shape animations.

  • Feature Added TrimStart, TrimEnd and TrimOffset extensions to trim geometry Path like Adobe After Effect (preview).

  • Feature 3D Transforms. We have deprecated UIElement.Projection in favor of UIElement.Transform3D. This new property allows real 3D transformations (preview). CompositeTransform3D and MatrixTransform3D can be asigned to this property. Camera projections only happen now at root by setting a matrix in the view using SetProjectionMatrix (#1465).

  • Feature Support for VR rendering. Render function in IView now receives an extra eye projection matrix.

  • Feature MultiBinding implemented.

  • Feature New text rendering algorithm using SDF (Signed Distance Fields) (preview). Improved rendering quality, specially in 3D scenarios. Font hinting have been internally disabled. Performance of text rendering improved to be faster and consume less memory. Emojis no longer requiere a RGBA8 texture. Everything is rendered using A8.

  • Feature Support for subpixel font rendering (LCD) is back. For now only implemented in our reference D3D11 renderer. There is a new view flag to activate it, RenderFlags_LCD.

  • Feature Added CollectionSortBehavior and CollectionFilterBehavior to XAML Behaviors.

  • Feature Implemented StringFormat for ContentControl and HeaderedContentControl (#1263).

  • Enhancement Path rendering have been optimized to consume less memory.

  • Enhancement EASTL dependency removed. We have optimized all our architecture with custom containers. Memory performance vastly improved. Code bloating reduced by using less C++ features.

  • Enhancement Visual Studio .natvis for Noesis added.

  • Enhancement Performance of view Update and Rendering improved.

  • Enhancement Improved the antialiasing look of our PPAA algorithm.

  • Enhancement Placeholder text extension for TextBox, PasswordBox and ComboBox styles.

  • Enhancement Removed final keyword from interactivity classes so they can be extended.

  • Enhancement DependencyObject SetValue for strings optimized to avoid allocations.

  • Enhancement New function FrameworkElement.ApplyTemplate().

  • Enhancement New functions SetFontFallbacks and SetFontDefaultProperties added to IntegrationAPI.

  • API Breaking Changes:

  • NsRegisterComponent renamed to Noesis::RegisterComponent

  • TypeId metadata deprecated from reflection macros. Now, it is passed in the macro itself.

    NS_IMPLEMENT_REFLECTION_(Buttons::MainWindow, "Buttons.MainWindow")
  • Removed 'f' suffix from math classes (e.g. Vector3f renamed to Vector3).

  • Containers like NsVector and NsHashMap renamed to Vector and HashMap.

  • NsString renamed to String.

  • Access to ResourceDictionary values using const char* keys instead of obsolete IResourceKey.

  • Removed NeedsOffscreen from IRenderer. Now RenderOffscreen returns a boolean.

  • Removed SetIsPPAAEnabled and GetIsPPAAEnabled from IView. PPAA is now part of RenderFlags enumeration.

  • Noesis::GUI::Init() no longer receiving parameters, only the license-key.

  • Core library no longer provides a default theme or default font. It must be set at initialization time using SetApplicationResources. Our application framework provides a default theme that is being used by all our examples.

  • Custom RenderDevice implementations need to be upgraded with new shader for rendering distance fields.

  • View::Update() may block if enqueing many frames without doing Renderer::UpdateRenderTree() in the render thread.

  • SizeChangedEventArgs exposes now newSize and oldSize.

  • Fixed Hit-testing working correctly in all 3D scenarios.
  • Fixed Templates shouldn't be set without a valid VisualTree.
  • Fixed Unnecessary tessellations when changing items in ToolBar.
  • Fixed Binding with FindAncestor should search up the visual tree.
  • Fixed Stack overflow bringing TreeViewItem into view without PART_Header template element.
  • Fixed Duplicated reflection enum values for Key and ModifierKeys.
  • Fixed Crash when using unknown TargetName in a trigger Setter.
  • Fixed FrameworkElement FindResource not searching in BasedOn styles.
  • Fixed Focus visual layer not removed when focused element disabled or collapsed.
  • Fixed ScrollContentPresenter registered against ScrollChanged event multiple times.
  • Fixed Path's geometry FillRule being ignored.
  • Fixed MultiDataTrigger incorrectly executed when all conditions except the last one matched during initialization.
  • Fixed Button IsPressed being updated using DescendantBounds instead of RenderSize as in WPF.
  • Fixed ItemsControl ContainerFromElement crashing for elements not inside the items control.
  • Fixed Opacity group clipped when bigger than surface size.
  • Fixed ListView not updating item text inherited properties.
  • Fixed Crash setting a null LayoutTransform.
  • Fixed Crash reloading managed assembly when destroying proxies (#1577).
  • Fixed IsFocusEngagementEnabled now indicates if Control supports focus engagement to match UWP.
  • Fixed ItemsControl and derived no longer have IsFocusEngagementEnabled by default to match UWP.
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